1. Through Therapy we find the quiet, honest space deep at the core of our being, reminding us of who we are. Once we remember, we cannot forget.
  2. Giving your energy to people that do not serve you will stunt your spiritual growth. Be mindful of how a persons energy affects your own.
  3. To embrace the process of change we must begin with bravery, proceed with honesty and continue in self-acceptance.
  4. By carrying past experiences into the present, we are trying to continue our journey while still being weighted down. There is love in letting go.
  5. We need to recognise the difference between emotional response and reaction. Being in tune with our emotions is not the same as being lead by them.
  6. Change can be scary, but staying still can be even scarier.
  7. Progess is not measured by distance travelled.
  8. You are stronger than you think.
  9. Be mindful of what depletes your energy.
  10. Do not be ashamed of your own vulnerability.
  11. Maintain your boundaries.
  12. Resilience and self-preservation are vital for growth.
  13. Likes and followers will not sustain you, external validation is like a short term “sugar high”. Long term nourishment will continue to validate your internal health.
  14. Insecure people create insecurity, cruel people thrive on cruelty, manipulative people seek to manipulate, deceitful people choose deceit over truth, damaged people cause damage.
  15. Surround yourself with like minded people, eat well, drink water (and wine), have good sex, exercise, talk to someone.
  16. Try to get comfortable with saying no… your boundaries do not need to be justified and you do not have to explain yourself or your choices to other people. 
  17. If we cannot accept that perfection is an illusion, we will consistently fall short of unattainable expectations.
  18. Consciousness is a choice, I choose to examine my own behaviour. I choose to challenge myself. I choose to practice non-judgement. I choose to be kind. I choose my boundaries. I choose to accept truth. Choose wisely.
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