Couples Therapy in Essex

Does your relationship feel strained?
Are you struggling to communicate how you feel with your partner?
Do you both feel a lack of understanding?

Every couple faces their own challenges, couples therapy can give you an unbiased, free space to take time for you as individuals and for your relationship. Couples Therapy is an opportunity to learn, hear, reflect and grow.


  • Improved intimacy
  • Better communication
  • Resolving conflicts healthily
  • Deeper understanding and respect for your partner
  • Creating healthier boundaries
  • Learning to process your feelings separately and together

What you can expect from Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy is an opportunity to share how you are both feeling, taking time to allow each person to acknowledge their emotional responses.

Couples Therapy is different from indiviual therapy because the shared goal is to improve your relationship, basically this needs to be a team effort!

It is natural to feel nervous when attending couples therapy, all therapy sessions are non-biased and the focus will be to improve your relationship, not to allocate blame.

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