Hello world! Blogging is a new thing for me, but I wanted to be able to share some of my personal views and feelings along side my services. Personal connection is so important within the therapeutic relationship and if you are considering having therapy, then I hope this can give you further insight into who I am as well as what I can offer as a therapist.

When I began my journey to become a therapist, I was somewhat naïve and unprepared for the amount of self-exploration and growth I would undertake… it was PROFOUND

I felt as though I had found myself, that sounds a little corny I know, but when you are encouraged to examine your own feelings and responses you begin to see the bigger picture of your life. I recognised areas of my life where I had habitually censored myself and my feelings out of fear or pride, I also recognised where I had become hardened to aspects of life and remained guarded in many ways. My journey softened my hardened exterior, it brought me back the who I am at the centre of myself, I found my core.

Side Note: Please do not confuse being guarded to the point of not connecting with people and having strong boundaries. I am a huge advocate of the importance of boundaries… recognising our own, respecting those of others. People who are naturally empathic can end up walking a fine line between supporting and enabling, not realising the toll it can take. There is a balance to be found, I will do another blog on boundaries later.

Having therapy can be intimidating, I remember my first therapy session, feeling slightly anxious and not really sure what I was even going to say. I had a wonderful therapist, she was newly qualified, very warm and I felt “safe” with her. Before I knew it I had certainly found my voice and we began a process that changed my whole life, I’m very grateful for her kindness and support in some very difficult moments.

The therapeutic process has no fixed “rules” I have seen some clients for three months and some for three years, it can be what you feel you need it to be, without pressure. I understand that sometimes before we come to therapy we may be feeling afraid, sad, anxious or unsure often in a very vulnerable place, maybe even feeling as though it is a last resort.

Be brave, dig deep and just give it a go! 🙂

The worst case scenario may be that you don’t feel therapy is right for you or the best case scenario you feel it is…

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